When The Wall Came Down

The following is taken from the back cover of “When The Wall Came Down” -Multisonic 310015-1311
South Texas has one of the great melting-pot cultures of – America – its music is a meeting-ground of Old World and New. Freddie Steady Krc was born in Houston, but raised in La Porte, southly of Houston. He began his playing in the bands at the age of ten. His grandfather’s family Krc and the parents of his grandmother named Krenek arrived to Texas in the middle of last century from Moravia. Tay Krenek’s Orchestra is one of oldest family polka bands in the U.S.A., which was giving to the people a good dance music and a good time. Great Uncle Ed played saxophone, clarinet, violin and hammer-dulcimer, and was known as on of the best hammer-dulcimer builders in America. The band made several recordings for RCA company in the mid-forties. They continue to record and make live appearances up-today. Freddie Steady Krc began playing professionally back in 1973, under many diverse musical influences., like Rock, Country, Cajun, Tex-Mex, Rhythm and Blues, Soul and of course Czech, sounds of his boyhood. One year later, he moved to Austin, Texas, and played the solo guitar gigs and drums with the local bands. Freddie recorded and toured with B.W. Stevenson in 1975-1976, and with very famous Texan Jerry Jeff Walker in 1977-1979. Later of this year, he formed his own original Rock group “The Explosives” and made the album titled “Restless Natives”, which was produced by Stu Cook, formerly with Credence Clearwater Revival. From 1983 to 1986, Freddie freelance recorded and toured with Jerry Jeff Walker, Butch Handcock, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Ponty Bone and the Squeezetones, R.C. Banks, England’s Wes McGhee and some others.

The milestone of his musical career was his first solo album, “Lucky 7” as “Freddie Steady’s Wild Country”, recorded and released in 1987 on Amazing Records Label in America. In the same year he began performing as “Freddie Steady’s Wild Country” touring in the U.S. and United Kingdom. In 1988, his first album was released by Heartland Records in the U.K., and Freddie was playing in the clubs and the stages of England, including his appearance at International Country Music Festival at Wembley Arena. In addition of the gigs with his own band, Freddie’s drumming was appeared on almost forty albums with the artists as diverse as Carole King or Roger Waters of Pink Floyd. In 1989, his second solo album “Neon Dreams” was recorded for the Amazing Records. At this time, the first steps for his trip to the home-land of his great grandparents were made. Firstly, it was a sheer reflection only. But all the running events after November 17th, 1989, the political changes and the velvet revolution of the Czechoslovak people had brought the final decision. The things started to move very fast. Freddie watched all the TV news coming from eastern Europe and especially from Czechoslovakia, and he composed the title song for this album “When The Wall Came Down”. He’s arriving to Prague’s airport on Easter Monday to record his new album with Karel Zich and FLOP, wishing to let know his personal deeply inclination and affinity to the home-land of his great grandparents and to its people. One of these songs (THE LION) was composed by Freddie in Prague, and he dedicated it to Mr. Havel and to all the Czechoslovak people. For sure, this album means the next milestone of the international projects of real friendship in music, breaking all the nonsense walls down.

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